Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PRIDE and HONOR on the SEOContest2008

It is nearly 3:00 in the morning and my eye lids slowly close down little by little but I am still trying to fight it just to make my blog a competitive like the other blogs which were also registered in the UK’s recently launched Search Engine Optimization Contest or more popularly known as SEOContest2008.

Well, honestly, this is my first time to join the contest. I have been observing my friends, Gio and Philip joining different contest in the country and also watch them receive their awards winning home as champions. I am also aiming for that and I am still optimistic that I will be learning something in this SEOContest2008.

But, perhaps some may ask what will be the prize when someone wins the competition. For me, the best answer I could give is that, in this SEOContest2008, it is not actually the money which is important. What matter most is the experience and learning you will get upon participating on the aforementioned activity. This will give us (we the contestants), a chance to broaden our ideas and widen our imaginations by trying to figure out on how to optimize our website using the keyword given. At the same time, PRIDE and HONOR is priceless. That would probably be the main goal of every participants like me to have.

I know that there are tough competitors who already have their experiences but I will still stick on my belief, that nothing is impossible as long as you believe that you can do it. Anyway, to us believers and achievers, impossible is not part in our dictionary list.

So, to my fellow participants, I wish you all good luck and see you around. Make your best on the SEOContest2008.

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