Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogging for SEOContest2008

What is blogging? This word is nowadays is getting famous and draws the attention of many people. When I first heard of this word, I actually don’t have any idea at all. The word sounds unfamiliar and it irritates my ears. I felt ashame of myself when a friend of mine once asked me that word. He asked me if I do blogging since I have my own website. I did not realize that what I am actually doing in my site is already about blogging. Blogging is not just writing what you think or thing what you would like to say, but it is all about expressing your emotion with feelings and most especially, BLOGGING is PASSION as what my friend used to tell me.

Today, since I already knew what blogging is all about, I can do many things about it. I am now actually using it for the newly launched SEOContest2008 in UK. This is actually my first time to join this kind of contest though my friends used to participate and have already won. My JRSEOContest2008 blog is my official blog for the SEOContest2008 brought to us by UK Webmaster World SEO Contest.

I actually name my entry blog as JRSEOContest2008 for the SEOContest2008 because I know that I am still a novice when it comes to SEOContest2008. I still have to learn much things about SEO and how to generate more traffic on my site. I am still, and I agree that I need to learn more for the SEOContest2008.

I know that in the SEOContest2008, there are many participants whom already won many contest similar to this. Though I know that I am competing with many SEO geeks, I stil believe in what my mentor has told me, it is about the “First Timer’s Luck.” Who knows, with this SEOContest2008, I can be on top of the others. That is how optimistic I am when it comes to the SEOContest2008.

Everyday, every hour, I always check on my status. I am always turning on my computer and search the internet using the keyword SEOContest2008 whether my blog is on the first 5 pages of the popular search engines. Well, I happy that after 3 days of registering my JRSEOContest2008 blog for the SEOContest2008, I remain on page 5 so far. I don’t know if this will drop, will remain as it is, or it will go up. This SEOContest2008 is really challenging to me as a blogger. I hope that I will do better that seeing my JRSEOContest2008 blog for the SEOContest2008 and not by simply remaining in page 5.

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