Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Real SEO Mc Coys of Pangasinan

Never trust what you just see because most of the time, looks deceive.

These guys from my hometown ordinarily splatter around the corners of the side streets in our place seem like they have nothing to offer the world. Ordinary men as one would simply simper when you spot them firing their air soft rifles in the war zone in the nearby place called, Baay.

But let me educate you for a moment regarding their prowess because I tell you these men I am referring to are actually the real Extra Ordinary Gentlemen in their rights and fields in the cyberspace.

Gio, the “IsulongAngSeo” Google bots genius hibernates somewhere in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio as he downplays the Google algorithm that earned him two consecutive SEO title among the best and wittiest in the search engine optimization wannabes in the Philippines.

With his Caucasian look and sappy actuations, you would think that he has earned a good reputation among the betters in the cyber world.

Philip, the “Blackish white” master puppeteer cools himself somewhere along the beach of Lingayen as he literally eat codes and opportunities in his own hub of computers and routers as his “pheobic Jedi” assist him to counter or boost anything that muses him. The search engine algorithms are his breakfast as he rocks them with a flick of his fingers. Technorati’s spiders can crawl every keyword and webpage in the Net but Philip’s “puppeteering” skills is way beyond their control. He is a master of his own right. A gentleman and soft spoken guy who just earned the coveted SEO title in the recently concluded SEO Alibata contest in the Philippines. Want to raise your eyebrows? Forget it. You wouldn’t want to mess with guy. I can assure you that.

Julius, the highly adaptive individual that can master everything that pleases him is highly differentiated compared to the two said guys. He is a literary writer and an educator who can write lightning fast posts beating the ticks of the clock in broad daylight or in the wee hours of the night. He is a self-proclaimed SEO guru who can offer you every savvy trick that can blow your mind in a flash. Julius is the guy to reckon with in the days to come in the world of SEO. More to Julius’ flavor is his good heart that earned my respect beyond all. A good childhood friend indeed!

Oh well, these extraordinary gentlemen are all proud Pangasinenses that make our province swelling with pride and honor. Kudos to you guys! My blackhat is off with you!

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