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Every adult beneficiary of a life insurance claim form needs to fill out a proof of death form for the company behind the life insurance policy. This requires a copy of the death certificate. Ask your insurance agent to get you these forms and help with the process. All of you have to fill out other associated forms too, that fulfill income reporting requirements for the IRS. The processing period should take less than a week. The insurance company will review your claim; confirm validity of the policy and fulfillment of other requirements. If the insurance company feels the policy conditions have not been met, for instance the death certificate may be missing; the phase is likely to be delayed until the requisite information is obtained.

A right of action arises for any person who receives a personal injury as a result of a road traffic accident involving another driver's negligence. This class of person could include drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and passengers. Everyone driving a vehicle on the road should have insurance, but this is not always the case. In cases where the driver does not have insurance or where the driver is untraced the Motor Insurers Bureau will step in in place of the insurer to protect the rights of innocent parties.

Insurance claim forms are normally included in the welcome pack sent to you with your policy. If you can't locate one you can download a form from the Internet or insurance company will arrange to send one to you. The Claims Analyst will also give you a list of the documents that will be required to enable speedy processing the claimin insurance claim form. Different documents are required for various policies. Examples of the most common are given below for your reference :

Auto - FIR (incase of bodily injuries/ property damages/ theft), Bills / cash memos pertaining to any repairs etc., Registration certificate/ Drivers license. Hospital cash - attending doctors' report, hospital discharge card/ proof of hospitalization with details of treatment. Cash personal accident (weekly benefit) - doctors' report, disability certificate from the doctor (if any), investigation/ lab reports (X-rays etc.), Original Admission / Discharge Card (if hospitalized), Employer's Leave Certificate specifying grade / designation, Salary Details. Death claims - Attending Doctor's Report, Death Certificate, Post Mortem / Coroner's Report, FIR, Police Inquest Report (where applicable). Personal accident (permanent disability) - Doctor's Report, Disability Certificates from the Doctor (if any), Investigation / Lab Reports (X-rays etc.), Original Admission / Discharge Card, Police Inquest Report (where applicable).

Each country sets on its own limits on how much minimum insurance claim is required. It may be tempting to save on the insurance for automobile, but it is not worth the risk involved. Vehicle insurance claim forms one of the biggest components of the total car cost, along with financing, warranties and maintenance and repair. An auto insurance specialist offers the following liabilities to a vehicle owner in a basic auto insurance policy.

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